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Real Estate Law

Are you in need of guidance regarding a real estate transaction? Confused as to how to get from the offer stage to the closing table? Worried about the legal risks you never knew to consider?


Contact our law firm for the expert legal advice and closing services provided by our real estate attorneys. We will get you to closing day in the safest, fastest, and most cost-effective manner possible. Save your time, money, and peace of mind by calling us today.

Managing the affairs of a deceased loved one can be overwhelming and confusing. Wills and estate law are complex. If you find yourself faced with this issue, contact our law firm for guidance on administering the estate of your loved one.


We can help you through the process of transferring asset ownership, filing necessary estate tax returns, and avoiding costly taxes and penalties. Take a load off your mind by calling us today.

Elder Law

Do you or a loved one have questions about nursing home costs? Are you concerned that the nursing home could take your home or leave your loved ones to pay the bill? Don't panic. You have options.


Call us. We can help. Elder law and Medicaid planning are among our specialties.

Personal Injury

Were you injured by someone else's carelessness? Overwhelmed at the thought of dealing with insurance companies just to get back on your feet? Let us do the heavy lifting for you, at no up front cost to you.


At McNickle & Bonner, LLP, the personal injury lawyers are experienced and dedicated to representing accident victims.  Contact us today, we can help.